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A photo depicting the rich history of D+D Property Group

Like Norina, Ivana and Robert, we’re a young group continuing the journey the D’Orazio’s and Da Prato’s began years ago. But no matter where the road takes us, the experience and values passed down to us from previous generations will always light the way forward.

The road led the D'Orazio and Da Prato's from Italy to the unknown of Australia

Together, the D'Orazio and Da Prato families form D+D Property Group.

The Road Less Travelled

We’ve always been on this road.

It’s the road the D’Orazio’s and Da Prato’s took when they left everything they knew in Italy for the unknown of Australia. It’s the road that led Norina, Ivana and Robert, pictured here, to form D’Orazio and Da Prato Property Group. And it’s the road we take as D + D Property Group today.

We have the freedom to take a project’s scope and design in any direction. Our current residential development, Cavallo Estate, is one of them.

And as the group continues to go to new places we’re also building places. With expanded capabilities in construction and project management, we begin development of our first multi-level, mixed-use high rise this year.

But we don’t just build for us, we also build for you. On your land, with your materials, and to your vision. And when we build for you, we work to the same standard and quality as if it were our own.

Whether it’s yours or ours, the road we’re on can be winding and at times steep. There are no short cuts. But it takes you places. And we find this brings the most reward for the people we work with and build for.

Who we are

Our Team

Bruno Da Prato

Bruno Da Prato

Managing Director

Bruno has a Bachelor of Law and Commerce from the University of Western Australia and a Bachelor of Law from the University of London.

His formative years were spent in law and insolvency before he established a company focused on junior participation in Australian sport. Under his Direction, the program models were incorporated by a number of top tier franchises.

Bruno returned to the family company in 2010 as Managing Director, implementing a series of strategic measures with a view to diversify the group’s portfolio and further expand our capabilities within property management, project management, development and construction.

Bruno travels whenever he has the chance. Influenced by different cultures, Bruno recognises the potential for Perth and Western Australia to evolve further.

Craig Conneally

Executive Assistant

Craig manages day-to-day activities for Bruno Da Prato and provides support for the Executive Management Team.

He is currently studying IT and has a background in retail, construction and logistics.

Craig’s broad experience allows him to provide high level support to our multifaceted business.

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