D+D Develop Pty Ltd (D3) is a property development business, integral to our overall D+D Property Group growth and our vertical integration strategy.

D3 projects presentedmeet our stringent internal investment needs prior to presenting them to private investors who may prefer to access expertise, strategic property development advice and management by partnering with a co-investor like us. As such, we have established ourselves in the market by not just providing property feasibility and advice but developing opportunities where we may co-invest with you with a view of achieving superior outcomes together.

Drelies on a group of dedicated property investors and owners, project managers, commercial and legal specialists that together with our stable of partnering architecture and engineering houses have proven expertise in due diligence, analysis, design and construction and ultimately ownership or further divestment of property investments.

Dspecialises in land, residential, commercial and mixed use projects. Based in Perth, Western Australia, D3 knows how to steer your project on course based on local experience and relationships. Our focus is satisfying project requirements in-line with client needs to complete high quality projects on-time and on-budget. D3 handles end to end elements of property development cycle including strategy and economic evaluation, structuring the opportunity and managing key aspects such as risk, quality, cost and delivery timeframe.

Why D3?

We are not selling anything. We invite you to partner with us, co-invest and share the risk and the opportunities.

We are selective in our search for value and eliminate opportunities that are marginal or risky.

We understand the critical points in reaching optimum value and are mindful of the impact and value of time, but are not rushing against unachievable targets and milestones.  We prefer to analyse well, consider opportunities that clearly produce an acceptable return at minimum risk and engage when all options have been reviewed and risks assessed.

We communicate directly, face to face and often.

We optimise and add value to our clients’ assets by developing a clear and concise business case analysis with tailored financial modelling.

Our services include property analysis services such as identification of potential development opportunities, general site due diligence including revenue projections, zoning, yield, market appraisals, product analysis and physical site constraints; management of the development approval process, valuation services (sale or purchase, portfolio)


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